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SalukiNet Proxy FAQ for Students

Any student has the ability to set up a proxy in SalukiNet.  Use the following instructions to establish a Proxy.

Granting Proxy Access


1. Log in to your SalukiNet account.
2. Click the My Records tab.
3. Click Manage Proxy Users.
4. Click Proxy Management.
5. Click Add Proxy and fill in the proxy information.
6. Click Expand (proxy’s name). 
7. Select a Relationship from the pull down menu.
8. Optionally fill in a Description of your proxy (Mom, Dad, soccer coach).
9. Optionally fill in a Passphrase. A passphrase may be used by some SIU departments to verify the identity of your proxy. 
10. Start and Stop Dates are automatically populated.
11. Click the Authorization tab and select the desired proxy authorized activities.

                There is no ‘SAVE’ button, your choices are saved automatically as you click. 

You have successfully established access for your proxy. You can modify or revoke this access at any time.

The unique identifier for the proxy in SalukiNet is the email address. An email address can only be associated with one person.

The functionality on the “Authorization” tab, where you select the items that you want your proxy to see, saves your selection immediately upon each click. There is no save button.

Access to information can be removed in several ways. You can change the Stop Date on the "Profile" tab or you can remove all checkmarks on the "Authorization" tab.


There is no automatic notification sent to your proxy when you modify the items on the "Authorization" tab.  If you want to notify them of any changes, click “E-Mail Authorizations” on the “Authorization” tab.

If your proxy has a question about the functionality of SalukiNet, they should first check the Proxy FAQ's. If you would like your proxy to be able to discuss the information you have authorized them to view, you need to assign them a passphrase on the “Profile” tab.

Select Term needs to be available so that your proxy is able to look at information that is term based such as schedule of classes or grades if you choose to make those items available to the proxy. Without the actual item, like “View Grades”, select term does not allow your proxy any access to your information.

You may set a start and end date for each proxy on "Profile" tab.

The lock is displayed until you expand the proxy and assign a relationship and authorizations.  You will also see a lock when the stop date for the proxy has been met.

The number of pages indicates the number of items of information you have authorized the proxy to see.